The singer-songwriter LUNA stands for her own style, a dreamy and at the same time powerful voice, as well as self-written songs. "Real, honest, basic", that's how the young exceptional artist describes herself. From garage concerts to bands and music high school, to first features and successful releases, LUNA is unstoppably going her way. The Future is Female.


The intoxicating - and above all - novel sound design of her female vocals, electronic laid-back pop vibes and piano balladry sets a clear sign where LUNA's journey is heading. Just 8 weeks after the 1st upload of the song "Verlierer" on TikTok, the now 18-year-old can look forward to over 6 million audio streams, #3 on the official singles chart, over 1 million video views & over 8 million videos tagged #lunaverlierer on TikTok. And more than 3 million streams on her song "Viel leichter" and 2 million streams on "Tränenmeer" underline that LUNA is more than just a "loser".

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  • Jonathan Wilde

    +49 (0)171 75 82 822

  • Luisa Kretz

    +49 (0)176 61241222