Neutrogena x Gizem Emre

Neutrogena has picked Gizem Emre to deliver a message on “personal beauty and the worldwide strength of women”.


Focussed on the motto “women like you and me” Johnson and Johnson created a slogan to report on the personal beauty routine of Youtube stars, Actors/actresses and bloggers. As testimonial and #skinsider of the brand the emerging actress shares insights on her life and beauty routine: “Expression, appearance and charisma are important factors of my job. A clean and healthy looking skin is an important element for feeling well, confident and beautiful.” " Born in Berlin, Emre started her acting career at the age of 17 and took part in various media productions since 2013, including films alongside actors like Elyas M'Barek and Karoline Herfurth in Fack ju Göhte. "It is very important to believe in yourself and to have confidence in yourself," is Emre's message to women.
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