Egon Werler

Stop beeing silent
He won the hearts of a whole generation with his powerful voice and his authentic appearance,


One year after his glorious victory at "The Voice Kids" You can immediately feel that someone is putting their passion, their talent, their whole heart into the music; that someone here has a great artistic vision despite their young age. At that time he collected 50,000 followers on Instagram overnight. A lot more have been waiting for his own new music since the "Voice Kids" final. "Enough silent" is also a message to these fans: I'm here now! Last year Egon Werler gathered a team of musicians and producers with whom he can now realize his musical vision. He continued his way , even against all the resistance that one has to overcome. "Enough silent" is about anger and disappointment, but also about how to overcome both because the love for music is stronger. Here you are listening to an artist who throws off his chains and finds himself. "Enough silent": This is a song that encourages you to do what you believe in - regardless of what others ask of you: " I don't need you to be me - from now on I'll go my own way!"

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10 Oct
Hamburg - Bahnhof Pauli
Live 2022 Mon, 10.10.2022 DE
11 Oct
Köln - CBE
Live 2022 Tue, 11.10.2022 DE
27 Oct
Dresden - Puschkin
Live 2022 Thu, 27.10.2022 DE
30 Oct
Berlin - Maschinenhaus
Live 2022 Sun, 30.10.2022 DE
08 Nov
München - Ampere
Live 2022 Tue, 08.11.2022 DE



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