Franzi Harmsen

Melancholic lyrics meet danceable beats, deep feelings meet electro sounds.
It's in the mix. Melancholy inspired verses and an exciting chorus that marks Franzi Harmsen's musical message. Because sad memories and courageous steps forward are extremely linked together.


Singer-songwriter Franzi Harmsen's recipe for success comes from precisely the multi-layered emotions and beat-stressed sounds merge on her new EP "ZWEIEINHALB SEKUNDEN".

The five flashing tracks from the collaboration with the producer team Pascal Kalli Reinhardt and Björn Olson and with the LEA manager Johannes Jakob Hofmann at her side, the German pop artist shows herself honestly and reflective in the usual manner: She sings about failure, inner turmoil and new beginnings and is not afraid to address supposed taboos, as it authentically proves in the single of the same name "ZWEIEINHALB SEKUNDEN".

Fempowerment plays just as big a role in Franzi Harmsen's songs as her view of feelings and experiences.

She manages to combine elements that may not fit together at first glance. This very special talent is what defines her and her musical work. This is where confidence and despair meet. Melancholy and joy. Ballad and electro pop. Because the musician and her EP are many things and one thing at the same time: Emotional. Danceable. Brave. Simply: Franzi Harmsen.

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01 Jul
Steinbach-Langenbach - Open Air
LEA Support Fri, 01.07.2022 DE
02 Jul
Spremberg - Open Air
LEA Support Sat, 02.07.2022 DE
03 Jul
Rietberg - Open Air
LEA Support Sun, 03.07.2022 DE
Sold out
14 Jul
Darmstadt - Endlich Open-Air
LEA Support Thu, 14.07.2022 DE
15 Jul
Bonn - Kunst!Rasen
LEA Support Fri, 15.07.2022 DE
16 Jul
Dresden - Open Air
LEA Support Sat, 16.07.2022 DE
Sold out
17 Jul
Görlitz - Open Air
LEA Support Sun, 17.07.2022 DE
03 Sep
Wernigerode - 10. MDR Harz Open Air
Alvaro Soler Support Sat, 03.09.2022 DE
27 Nov
München - Heppel & Ettlich
All Das Tour 2022 Sun, 27.11.2022 DE
28 Nov
Berlin - Privatclub
All Das Tour 2022 Mon, 28.11.2022 DE
29 Nov
Hamburg - Hebebühne
All Das Tour 2022 Tue, 29.11.2022 DE
30 Nov
Köln - Yuca
All Das Tour 2022 Wed, 30.11.2022 DE



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