With her new single "Thank You" Lena has gone a couple of months ahead of the sound of the present time.
Because the harbinger of her fifth studio album, released in winter 2018/19, already sounds like upcoming summer - making it comfortable self-confidently in the tradition of international world hits. Despite the friendly title and thrilling beats, "Thank You" is a challenge to people who make you go down, break your heart or are simply "full of arrogance", as it is called in one verse.


Try to get those words and this melody out of your head! In addition to Lena, the producer team Beatgees from Berlin, who already worked with Cro, Alice Merton and Namika, bears a "partial liability" for this effect. The upcoming album "Only Love, L", which is scheduled for April 2019, may be expected accordingly with anticipation and tension.

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